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"You must be careful not to deprive the poem of its wild origin." Stanley Kunitz 

"study or travel?"
- somecherryloving


Good Vibes

Both in good measure as time and money allow. To travel without study is to be a tourist, a low form of life. To study without travel is to frustrate the feet that want to walk in the places the eyes through pictures have seen.

May you have opportunity for both everyday of your life.

Best Regards,


Been jugglin: reading, writing, meditation, learning French, teaching English, traveling, and women’s rights activism.

After an month’s campaign stint in Los Angeles with the Feminist Majority Foundation, I’m back in the French Alps!

Here’s a (sometimes cheesy) video of me talking about Feminism around Grenoble. 

Hope you like it  :)

Haruki Murakami Drops A New Story

Dariusz Klimczak

Dariusz Klimczak

Galerie Bortier Bookshop - Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Bortier Bookshop - Brussels, Belgium



Speaking Out Against Censorship of American History

NY Times

 When an AP History class proposed “altering” aka censoring textbooks to reduce events of “social strife” (slavery, american genocide, political upheaval) and replace it with the promotion of free enterprise and patriotism, students took to the streets to shout, “Teach us the truth!” 

HA the students are smarter than you thought; they don’t want to be spoon fed your sugar-coated bs, they want to learn what really happened before they arrived in their own country.

And if there is one single story that should continue being told after we are all dead and gone, I swear to Zeus it’s a solid tie between the folks who dug an underground tunnel with their bare bloody hands, as tall and twice as wide as the largest of them, so that IF they could sneak beneath the Berlin wall and walk to freedom, they could come out of their slowly-constructed hole in the ground, not crouched or crawling, but standing tall with their heads held high, & every person ever who has been forced to sacrifice their self as the slave of another, who has forgiven and learned to love the world in spite of her treachery.

We wouldn’t want students know about such events full of emotion, they might get ideas!

People who are afraid of what books have to say, who fear knowledge, shouldn’t be the ones in charge of writing them.